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Name: Sophia Bliss

Year: Freshman

Major(s): Business Administration

Pledge Class: Upsilon

Bio: Hi I’m Sophia Bliss! I’m currently a first year business admin student. I’m from Danville, CA. I joined Delta Sigma Pi in fall of my freshman year (2022). My favorite part no doubt is the community! Everyone is so like minded and kind to one another. That was part of the reason I wanted to run for exec board position to give back for all the good that was done for my pledge class.

Professional Experience(s):

Previous Starbucks barista and trainer Front desk and sales associate at a fitness studio


I love being active!! Being outside! Going to the beach, working out, or playing sports. Other favorites are probably hanging with friends and shopping!

Fun fact(s): I’m trying to become a spin instructor at Chapman!

Recruitment Advice: Go to the events, talk to people and most importantly HAVE FUN!! Be yourself!! Most of the events come with a networking aspect which gives you the opportunity to meet so many great individuals. Don’t be afraid to reach out, everyone is happy to help out!


Brother Sophia Bliss

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