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sarah epley

Name: Sarah Epley

Year: Junior

Major: Business Administration - Marketing

Minors: Music Business & Environmental Studies

Pledge Class: Sigma

Bio: Hello! My name is Sarah and I joined Delta Sigma Pi fall of 2021. I wanted to join Delta Sigma Pi because of it’s inclusive community and multitude of opportunities! In my free time, I love to watch the sunsets, bake, hike, and listen to music! 

Professional Experience(s):

Top Floor Management

Fenestra Community Coordinator

Other Campus Involvement:

The Collective

Music Business & Technology Club

Fun fact(s): I like to write music.

Recruitment Advice: Remember to be yourself! It can be intimidating to go through the recruitment process but we all want to get to know you better for who you are! Feel free to reach out to anyone in the chapter and ask them any questions or just chat! We’re all excited to get to know you :) 


Brother Sarah Epley

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