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Name: Revere Laird

Year: Senior

Major(s): Accounting, Business Administration - Finance

Pledge Class: Pi

Bio: Hey there! My name is Revere, and I joined Delta Sigma Pi back during my fall semester of sophomore year (Fall 2020). My favorite part about being a Deltasig is sharing common career interests as we are all studying business. For fun, I really enjoy the outdoors and going backpacking with friends. My career goal is to become an accountant for an esports organization.

Other Campus Involvement:

Accounting Society

Camp Kesem

C.A.R.E.S (Creating a Rape-free Environment for Students)

Chapman Ambassadors

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

Outdoors Club

Fun fact(s): I'm a descendant of Paul Revere, and I manage an in-game cosmetic trading server!

Recruitment Advice: As simple as it may be, coming into recruitment with an open mind is crucial to making the most of it.


Brother Revere Laird

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