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maggie hsu

Name: Maggie Hsu

Year: Senior

Major(s): Business Administration - International Busines 

Pledge Class: Sigma

Bio: Hi there! My name is Maggie Hsu and I joined Delta Sigma Pi during my first semester at Chapman (Fall 2021). I transferred to Chapman from Irvine Valley College my junior year of college. I joined Delta Sigma Pi to expand my professional network and experience and to join a supportive community that can help me grow as a person. My hobbies include singing, baking, and annoying my cat.

Professional Experience(s):

Music Tutor
Seashore Academy
Giorgio Armani
Compassion Chiropractic

Fun fact(s): I am classically trained in violin and piano!

Recruitment Advice: Go to the recruitment events if you can and mingle with everyone. Ask questions and put yourself out there. Always stay true to yourself.


Brother Maggie Hsu

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