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Name: Alyssa Ruste

Year: Senior

Major(s): Accounting, Business Administration

Minor(s): Data Analytics

Pledge Class: Omicron

Bio: Hello! My name is Alyssa Ruste, aka plant mom! I am a passionate business student studying marketing, accounting, and data analytics. I am a strong advocate for wellness, sustainability as well as diversity and inclusion! My other interests include second-hand shopping, trying new cuisines (especially boba & matcha), festivals & traveling!

Professional Experience(s):

Finance Intern, Southern California News Group

Finance Representative, Northwestern Mutual

Public Relations & Social Media Intern, LadyBossBlogger

Life Enrichment Partner, Artesia Christian Home

Other Campus Involvement:

Kapamilya Club

Delta Delta Delta Sorority

Fun fact(s): I own a blue bug!

Recruitment Advice: The experience is what you make of it! Break the online boundaries and get to know the brothers. We have a great group of people. :)


Brother Alyssa Ruste

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