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Name: Connor Lydon

Year: Senior

Major(s): Business Administration - Economics

Minor(s): Data Analytics

Pledge Class: Mu

Bio: Hi!!!! My name is Connor, and I’m a junior. I study Data Analytics and Business - Econ. My favorite part of Delta Sigma Pi is that you have a great network for future classes. It’s nice to know who is suggested and eventually to take them with your bros. Aside from the fraternity, I love the outdoors and like to bike, row, hike, etc. I’m always down for an adventure!

Professional Experience(s):

Data Analytics Research Assistant, Chapman University

Other Campus Involvement:

Chapman Crew (Rowing)

Data Analytics Association

Fun fact(s): I used to work on a sheep ranch!

Recruitment Advice: Be yourself and talk to the brothers! We all love meeting new prospects!


Brother Connor Lydon

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