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Name: Emily Chin

Year: Senior

Major(s): Accounting with a Themed Inquiry in Leadership

Pledge Class: Sigma

Bio: Hi! My name is Emily. I am a transfer student and just finished my first semester at Chapman. I rushed Delta Sigma Pi during my first semester here in Fall 2021. I'm so glad that I joined because I met like-minded individuals with similar aspirations. I like to take landscape photos, be outdoors, watch Marvel movies, and obsessively listen to Taylor Swift in my free time.

Professional Experience(s):

Incoming summer 2022 Discovery Intern at Deloitte

Other Campus Involvement:


Club 55

Fun fact(s): I met Bella Thorne twice at Disneyland during middle school

Recruitment Advice: As cliché as it sounds, be genuine and open-minded. Coming in with an open mind and a willingness to meet all types of people helped me a ton!


Brother Emily Chin

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