Name: Micheal Baker

Year: Sophmore

Major(s): Business Administration and Accounting

Pledge Class: Tau

Bio: Hey everyone, I’m Michael! I love to watch F1 and baseball. My favorite driver is Lando Norris and my favorite baseball team is the Dodgers. I have two dogs and I love to workout and go to the beach! Professionally, I have an interest in accounting as well as helping children with severe medical needs to get the services they need.

Professional Experience(s): I work in the Circle at the ArmyNavy Store. Over the summer, I shadowed the owner of a daycare for children with severe medical needs.

Other Campus Involvement: I play softball with my work. Looking to be part of Accounting Society. Part of Marketing Society.

Fun fact(s):  I'm Colorblind.

Recruitment Advice:  Go to all the events and just enjoy it. They’re all a lot of fun and you get to meet some amazing people.


Brother Micheal Baker