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Name: Carina Nunes

Year: Sophomore

Major(s): Business Administration (Marketing)

Minor(s): Leadership Studies

Pledge Class: Tau

Bio: Hi! My name is Carina Nunes, and I joined Delta Sigma Pi during my second semester of freshman year (Spring 2022). My favorite part about being in DSP is that I have a group of individuals who have the same goals and values as me! I have found some of my best friends within this chapter. In my spare time, I enjoy watching the sunset at the beach and blasting my favorite music with my friends.

Professional Experience(s):

Sales and Marketing Intern, GreekHouse

Influencer Marketing Intern, HomePlate Media

Other Campus Involvement:

Kappa Alpha Theta


Fun fact(s):

My first language is Portuguese.

Recruitment Advice: Go outside of your comfort zone and try to talk and make connections with as many actives as you can!


Brother Carina Nunes

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