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Name: Trisha Sakamoto

Year: Senior

Major(s): Business Administration - International Business

Minor(s): Japanese Studies, Honors Program

Pledge Class: Pi

Bio: My name is Trisha Sakamoto, and I was initiated into Delta Sigma Pi in Fall 2020. Joining the fraternity has been a great experience as it has allowed me to become more engaged in the business world and introduced me to a focused and supportive community. I enjoy traveling, getting boba with friends, and listening to music. In the future, I would love the opportunity to work at a multinational company in the entertainment industry!

Professional Experience(s):

Summer Accounting Assistant, NBCUniversal

Other Campus Involvement:

Asian Pacific Student Association (APSA)

Fun fact(s): I'm only 5'1" but love to play volleyball!

Recruitment Advice: Do your best to attend as many recruitment events as possible! It'll give you more opportunities to get to know the brothers and a better feel for what the fraternity is about.


Brother Trisha Sakamoto

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