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Name: Alyssa Banawa


Major(s): Business Administration - Marketing

Minor(s): Economics

Pledge Class: Omicron

Bio: Hi! My name is Shannon, and I joined Delta Sigma Pi in the second semester of my freshman year (Spring 2020). I joined Delta Sigma Pi to become part of a supportive community that would help me grow professionally and introduce me to amazing people. Some of my hobbies include running, baking, and finding cute coffee shops.

Professional Experiences:

Portfolio Marketing Intern, Vocera

Other Campus Involvement:

CRU Leadership Team

Fun fact(s): My favorite animals are monkeys!

Recruitment Advice: Prospects should not be afraid to put themselves out there by going to events or even reaching out to brothers. We are always here to support you and answer questions, so never be afraid to talk to us :)


Brother Alyssa Banawa

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